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How To Make Social Media A Positive Space

As a Generation Z baby, I have lived with social media for pretty much half of my life. Over the years, we've seen how life online can have negative affects on our mental health, our confidence, and our ability to live in the moment. It can be easy to fall into cycles of self-doubt, competition and comparison. However, you have to break those cycles, and make social media a positive space for you and for others. It can used to inspire, to share what we love, and to connect with people who are changing the world with their use of the internet. We also have to detach ourselves from social media from time to time, and train our minds to see the online world in a positive light.

Beauty Favourites: April 2019

Earlier this month I picked up a few new beauty products. From haircare to hand cream, I felt like my body was in need of some TLC as we transitioned into a new season. Self-care is so important. After trying all 5 of these products throughout April, they have become part of my daily and weekly routine. There is also my current fragrance for Spring and early Summer. Keep reading to discover my April beauty favourites...

5 Easy Style Ideas for Spring/Summer

I love Spring and Summer fashion in terms of less layers and clothes for the warmer weather. Dresses, jumpsuits, playsuits and culottes are some of my favourite pieces. However, when it comes to colours, not many people like to step out of their comfort zones and wear bright or pastel colours. Fortunately, there are so many trends that can work for Spring and Summer that are much more wearable. They can also be the first step to adding more colour to your wardrobe later on.

Coming Out of My Shell

Today I'm going to talk about coming out of my shell. Long story short, I'm going to talk about confidence. This topic is an ongoing journey for me. As a naturally quiet person, it takes a while for me to come out of my shell around new people and new situations. It's totally okay to be an introvert, but learning to speak up when you need to will benefit so many aspects of your life. I feel like this post is me talking to myself as well as you. It's all about what I've learned so far about confidence, what I'm learning in the present, and ways to improve in the future.