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My Playlist - October 2019

I really enjoyed sharing my playlist for September, so here we are again for my October playlist. For the October edition, there are lots of new songs, songs that remind me of Autumn, and songs that make me think of New York City. The reason being that my family and I are off to NYC at the end of this month! It will be a celebration of 4 milestone birthdays this year, as my younger sister turned 18 in March, the twins turned 16 in June, and I turn 21 on the 28th October! So I will be turning 21 in New York. I'm so excited as we've never been to America before. I'm sure there will be lots of photos from the trip to share.

Phone Wallpapers Part One

Today, I have a pretty exciting blog post to share. Last month, I started creating phone wallpapers. They were inspired by one of my favourite bloggers, Corrie @ DizzyBrunette3, who has been making beautiful wallpapers since last year, and has recently put up a youtube video explaining her process. I felt like this was something I could try, and I really enjoyed it. It was so fun to try something new and be creative. As a result, I have created 6 cute wallpapers - all Autumn themed for the current cosy season After this, I will be creating 6 new wallpapers every so often to save and enjoy. I don't want to put a deadline or schedule on them, I just want it to be something I enjoy when it feels right. Here are the 6 designs for Part 1. From falling leaves to Halloween, we've got all of Autumn covered.

20 Autumn Blog Post Ideas

Over the last 6 years, I've written a lot of autumnal blog posts. I like writing about the things I love, and Autumn is my favourite season, so that's why. I feel like we can absorb so much inspiration from this season, as our fashion choices and beauty products change. The colours of the season are often reflected in our outfits and make up. We also spend more time at home at this time of year, participating in more indoor activities such as baking and watching TV. And of course, there's the anticipation of Halloween, in which our creativity may turn a little more spooky.

What To Watch On Netflix This Autumn

The cosy season is here. I'm talking about Autumn, of course. The leaves are falling, the Pumpkin Spice Lattes are out, and it's time to warm up with jumpers and candles (not setting your jumpers on fire though). Since this is the season in which people retreat to their homes as the evenings get darker, now is the perfect time to share my Netflix suggestions for Autumn 2019. Some of them may be new releases, and some of them may be older TV shows or films that you might want to rewatch at this time of year. I'll start with TV shows, and then share three movies...